With Silva Broken, What’s Next For Jones Jr?

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With the world looking on in horror, Anderson Silva’s right leg snapped and flapped like 4th of July flag after kicking Chris Weidman near his knee. Another surprise ending to the second installment of Weidman vs Silva. An ending that superseded their shocking first showdown when the lesser known Weidman defeated Silva in their first meeting.

With a vested interest in the outcome, former 4 division boxing champion and future hall of fame inductee, Roy Jones Jr watch the action ringside along side UFC head Dana White. Over the last few years both Jones and Silva have been voicing an interest in facing each other inside the ring. During a recent appearance  on BadCulture Radio, Jones once again voiced his interest in the match. Now with the potentially career ending injury of Silva, the UFC vs Boxing match up is likely to not happening. At least a match-up that features Jones vs. Silva. According to a report by BoxingScene.com, Jones is now considering retired UFC contender Nick Diaz for a future match up.

Diaz, announced his retirement in March after a title loss to Georges St-Pierre and, according to reports, turned down an offer to return to the ring against Carlos Condit in March at UFC 171. If a match can’t be made with Diaz, no word on Jones’ next move.




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