Watch Dame Dash Pull Up on Lee Daniels To Demand the $2M He’s Owed (Video)

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Damon Dash wants his money, and he’s willing to buy tickets to a Diana Ross concert just to get in the same room with Lee Daniels and talk it out.

Sharing the video in social media, Dash purchased tickets to a recent Diana Ross concert just so he could confront Lee Daniels, also in attendance, over the $2 million loan he extended to Daniels so that he could make the movies.

The audio is hard to decipher since Ross is performing in the background but thankfully there are subtitles.

On an unrelated note, it’s pretty funny Dianna Ross is talking about her ankle and wants the audience to sing, “Reach Out and Touch.” Dame looked like he was ready to do exactly that, just not a hand.

To see the video, flick below.

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