Klitschko Returns Against Povetkin – BC Prediction

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“Mr. Steelhammer” Wladimir Klitschko returns to the ring this Saturday against the undefeated Alexander Povetkin forWladimir-Klitschko-and-Alexander-Povetkin-130812R300 the assorted alphabet titles (IBF, WBO, WBA, and IBO). Before I offer my prediction, let’s take a look at their three most recent bouts.


Klitschko’s most recent victory came at the hands of Francesco Pianeta, a previous sparring partner. Klitschko bullied Pianeta around the ring with superior power and a smashing right that sent Pianeta to the canvas three times before the end came in the sixth round. In the bout against Mariusz Wach, Klitschko was taken the distance but eventually prevailed on the cards. Displaying an unbelievable tolerance to pain, Wach endured blow after smashing blow for 8 rounds before Klitschko simply got tired of hitting him and cruised into the late rounds. Lastly, in the fight against Tony Thompson, Klitschko bombed him into submission until he folded in the 6th round.

Povetkin also managed to dominate and  emerge victorious in his most recent victories. In the bout against Andrzej Wawrzyk, Povetkin took his offensive downstairs early and wore Wawrzyk down leaving him ripe and open for his signature punch, the overhand right. Once it connected Wawrzyk went crumbling to the canvas like quick sand. The ending came in round three with Wawrzyk enduring a multi-combination smack down. Prior to this fight, Povetkin entered the ring with an out of shape, older, road worn, Hasim Rahman. Offering little opposition Rahman was dispatched after two rounds. Last, Marco Huck offered Povetkin his greatest opposition going the distance in fire fight fashion. Exchanging monster blows from beginning to end, Povetkin squeaked by with the victory by majority decision.


If Povetkin, who has the height and reach disadvantage, has any hopes of a chance in the match-up, he will have to take the fight inside (something outside of his norm) and slip the bombs of Klitschko. By closing the gap, Povetkin can utilize the same ‘batter the body’ strategy he used against Wawrzyk.

Klitschko will come forward early, use his superior reach/jab to place Povetkin in his cross hairs and launch his assault. Once the first bomb is landed, it’s only a matter of time before Povetkin folds up like a lawn chair.

I said on BadCulture Radio this past week I was picking Povetkin to win, and it would be nice if he did but it’s highly unlikely.

I’ll take the Teddy Atlas route and pick against Klitschko, but again, it’s unlikely.

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