Thank Pope Francis. Pontiff To Promote Boxing Match?

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You’ve been thanking Al Haymon, now you can thank Pope Francis. Well, not exactly.

In funny and interesting news, Religious News Service reported that the Pontiff will be promoting a boxing match on May 7th between a Catholic and a Muslim.

Bless their heart.papa2

As progressive as the Pope is, I’m sure His Holiness is referring to the upcoming match-up between Canelo
Alvarez and Amir Khan, given WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman’s recent visit to Rome to award the leader of the Catholic Church the “The Green and Gold for the Champion of kindness, virtue and hope.”

(no sanctioning fees were collected.)

On the Vatican Radio Report on February 4th, Pope Francis discussed the upcoming 2nd annual “Match For Peace,” soccer match. The “Match for Peace,” is an interreligious soccer match aimed at demonstrating “that we are capable of making peace with a game, with art,” the Pope was quoted as saying. Before the report came to a close,  the pope also announced that there would be “a boxing match between a Catholic and a Muslim in Las Vegas on May 7.”

I’d watch a fight promoted by the Pope. I’m sure it would be ULTRA luxurious.

To read RNS’ excited article. CLICK HERE

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