Adrien Broner Gets Deep With The Breakfast Club (Video)

Adrien Broner is back in news and it’s not due to any legal infractions… Mr. AB aka About Billions paid a visit to the Breakfast Club to hold court with the hosts and give watchers a candid look into the what makes him tick. Charlamagne is no holds barred as usual when asking AB about his criminal activity, actions outside of the ring and more.

Birdman Vs The Breakfast Club: A Case of Rude Radio or Sensitive Rapper?

Last Friday, Brian Birdman Williams appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show in an apparent effort to bully the show’s hosts for disrespectful comments and offensive commentary made regarding record industry mogul. The video clip, seen above, is a bit comical in nature. If you remove all the negative connotation attached to the meeting, it looks like a grown ass baby, no pun intended, sitting in a chair, pouting, preparing to launch a ghetto-fortified hissy fit. And essentially, that’s exactly what Birdman did. He demanded that his name be respected comma and for about 35 to 40 seconds, engaged in a friendly game of “So what you gon’ do?” You remember that game, we’ve all…

[Video] Erykah Badu Drops By The Breakfast Club

NEW YORK – Erykah Badu never ceases to amaze and entertain. Watch as she drops by The Breakfast Club to talk music, nudity, group think, baby daddies and more. Everyone knows Charlemagne is known to talk mess. Just to ensure he doesn’t get out of pocket, Jay Electronic drops by just to make sure.