Sonnen vs NASC Part 3: Is Metamoris 4 A Go?

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Four letters Chael Sonnen could go a lifetime with out hearing or seeing again but once again, Sonnen finds himself in their crosshairs. This time, the Commission is attempting to block Sonnen from competing in this weekends grappling event Metamoris 4.

The NSAC is looking to take this action as a result of a hearing a few weeks in which Sonnel agreed not to compete in any other jurisdiction over the next 2 years per their suspension. If Sonnel refuses to comply and goes forward with the bout (scheduled to take place this Saturday in Los Angeles, CA) he could be subject to a fine of up to $250,000.hi-res-87fbf2b3a25a1499e8fe696c596872df_crop_north

As you may recall, all of this madness steams from Sonnen failing several pre-fight drug tests ahead of his scheduled fight at UFC 175 against Vitor Belfort. In an attempt to avoid any disciplinary actions, Chael announced his retirement after the news of the first failed drug test emerged. After a second failed test was made public he was terminated from his job as a commentator on FOX Sports 1. Despite his retirement, the NSAC still has the right to order him to appear before the board that handed down the 2 year suspension and order him to pay the cost of the failed drug tests.

Sonnen’s team maintains that he isn’t fighting under another jurisdiction since the grappling event isn’t sanctioned by the California commission. Add to that the backing of Metamoris President Ralek Gracie, Chael’s match with Andre Galvao looks to be a go for Saturday.

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