So I Guess No Canelo vs Cotto … Top Rank Is Home

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As we continue to recover from ‘The One’ or what I will now be referring to as POE (Post One Era), I renewed hopes of seeing a fight that should have happened before …

Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cottocanelo-cotto

Canelo needs a comeback and Cotto wants to go out on a high note. This is a fight that could do it for both of them. It has all the makings of a good, power filled scrap, plus the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry makes it all the more enticing.

That doggone Austin Trout. He threw a monkey wrench into my fantasy match-up plan by winning. Or maybe it’s Canelo’s fault since ‘The Curse’ was happening around that time. You remember the curse? Every time Canelo showed up ringside to watch a future opponent of his, they lost. (i.e. Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto). So, as you know, Trout defeated Cotto, went on to face Alvarez who went on to face Mayweather who in turn was defeated…

Wait, how did I get back here, we are living in the POE.

So here we are again, back to the match I wanted to see and I’m sure others did too, Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto. Two strong, come forward fighters who aren’t afraid to let their hands go. A fight that looked like it could be right around the corner should Cotto dispatch Delvin Rodriguez on October 5th.

I considered the Delvin Rodriguez fight a tune up for Canelo since Cotto signed a one fight agreement with Top Rank. Next thing we know,  Freddy Roach joined the stable and Cotto marched full steam ahead into fight preparations.

That’s ok, it’s only a one fight agreement right? Once this deal is done, Cotto could go free agent and come on back to the Showtime side of the street, make the fight with Canelo, make a lot of money then ride off into the Boricuan sunset as a promoter. At least that’s how I worked it out in my mind. It could all be so simple, but they rather make hard.

Maybe I should have sent Cotto an email, kite or carrier pigeon because he’s not sharing my vision. During a recent open media session, Cotto says he looks to finish out his career over at Top Rank.

“I began as a professional boxer with Top Rank. They made me the boxer I am right now. I’m a loyal guy. I think of them and who else to finish my career off than Top Rank.”

And I’m sure he said that with the most animated of faces. So I guess no Canelo vs Cotto. That makes me sad. Pobre Mio.

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