Random Googles: Who Was The First Person to C-Walk ?

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Let me preface this by saying I am from South Central Los Angeles and still live in South Central Los Angeles and from time to time I like to randomly google things when they pop in my head. I’m sure a number of you are the same way.

Let me also say I am by NO MEANS a card-carrying member of THE set or any other set. I am not gangster, AT ALL.

As a life-long resident of South Central LA (except for a stint in Seattle), I think it’s fair to say I have at least working knowledge of gang culture. I can generally decipher the graffiti that appears on my wall every once in a while and I know a good c-walk when I see one.

Which leads us to why we are here. Scrolling through Instagram, an account I follow @theRealTrapKitchen

[side note: I’ve purchased their food, it is BONKERS. I’ve had the gumbo and the teriyaki/pineapple bowl thing. If you see their food truck, pull up. This is not an ad.]

Like I was saying, The Real Trap Kitchen posted a video of a man C-Walking his ass off in the lock-up. Which made me wonder, who was the first person to C-Walk, and how did it become a thing. So I googled,

And I stumbled upon a video from what appears to be a variety show where a man named Henry “Crip” Heard comes out on stage with one left and a crutch and begins what is being called the first “C-Walk”

If you let the #Crip OGs tell it, Crip walking originated in the 1970s amongst Crip gang-members in South L.A., but if you ask the old #Jazz heads, they’ll tell you the dance (then called Crip’s hop) originated in the 1940s from the man it was named after: Henry “Crip” Heard. Heard was a double amputee who danced with one leg and one arm. His signature dance became the Crip hop, a dance he performed by hopping from side to side, backward and forward, and using his foot to spell out the name “Crip” on stage.

Somehow, Crip Heard’s dance moves made it the West Coast and the late-Tookie Williams.

Who knew the real intention was to spell out “crip” out with your dance moves?

Today the c-walk lives on world-wide and has become so may stream you may see your favorite youtube dancers from doing it from time to time, much to the dismay of OG’s I would imagine.

More than likely there are other, better, sexier tales of how the signature c-walk moves came to be but today we will honor Henry.

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