[Video] Final Press Conference Cunningham/Mansour

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Photo credit: Darryl Cobb
Video credit: Ryan Bivins

Saturday night the heavyweights collide in Philadelphia on NBCSports as Amir Mansour seeks to continue his climb up the heavyweight ladder at the expense of ‘USS’ Steve Cunningham. The fighters met at the Liacouras Center for the final press conference ahead of Saturday night’s actions.

Final Press Conference

Curtis Stevens Interview

Tureano Johnson Interview


Steve Cunningham: When you hear Mansour you hear ‘Yo man, that dude he gritty from the streets.’ In actuality, who isn’t from the streets? Who isn’t hard out here? Who survived? I know dudes who haven’t survived that were hard. They’re in their grave with worms eatin’ them right now. We’re all hard when we need to be…I’m getting in this ring to win convincingly.

Amir Mansour: I don’t know if the message that I got out there is that I’m trying to scare this guy or that I’m trying to act like some type of gangster or street dude or whatever. Listen, I despise the streets and I despise anyone who carries themselves like a thug or gangster. That mess got me in prison and caused me to serve 16 years and 8 months of my life in prison. That’s nothing to brag about…Trust me I can box and I can outbox you. You can’t beat me in boxing, you can’t beat me in fighting, when we get in this ring, I’m comin’ to do what I need to do. I’m not lettin’ nobody take my title…you can’t beat me with no jab.

Tureano Johnson: I appreciate the opportunity, in spite of that I was given less than a month to fight what’s his name, Curtis, but I’m grateful to be here to do what I do best and that’s to go in there and beat the guy up…come Friday night, somebody’s gonna get b*tch-slapped…I’m going to enjoy this fight, I can’t say the same for him…let’s pray that I don’t put him to sleep in the hospital.

Curtis Stevens: I don’t have too much to say. I’m just ready to go in there Friday and take care of business.

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