[Photos] Chris Arreola Open Media Workout

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With the bout just days away, heavyweight contender Chris Arreola worked out for the media today at USC’s Galen center the site of Saturday night’s rematch against WBC #1 ranked heavyweight Bermane Stiverne.

Titled “Fight For Peace,” the victor becomes the new WBC heavyweight champion; a title recently vacated by Vitali Klitschko. When they first met in April 2013, Stiverne defeated a less than prime shape Arreola by unanimous decision. In round three of the bout, Arreola suffered a broken nose but continued to press on. Long criticized for not capitalizing on big opportunities, Arreola (who’s been in shape since his victory over Seth Mitchell) pledges he will live up to his potential and leave the ring making history as the first Mexican American heavyweight world champion.

“I do this for the fans, they paid to watch me. That’s why I fight,” said Arreola when answering questions from the assorted media. “I f*** up a lot but it’s about how you pick yourself up.”

On ESPN broadcasting the fight:

“Everyone who has cable has ESPN. That is a big blessing. I’m glad to put boxing in the forefront again.”

Anyone familiar with Arreola knows he’s had a long history of showing up to big fights in less than prime shape. When asked what’s different this time around about his conditioning, Arreola spoke of this being the first time he’s showed up to camp solely to focus on boxing and not weight loss.

“In the first fight [against Stiverne] I had a little doubt. In this fight I have no doubt. I worked harder than I have in years,” said Arreola. “This camp was about boxing, not fat camp to make me lose weight. This camp was all about boxing. I still enjoy my burritos, tacos, and papusas but I put in the work.”





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