[Photo] Coup? Miguel Cotto Meets With Golden Boy

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1452380_10151690344945756_333541570_nGOLDEN BOY, HEADQUARTERS –

Today this picture featuring Miguel Cotto began surfacing around the internet.

Let the bidding games begin…

As you know, Miguel Cotto is fresh off a dominating victory over Delvin Rodriguez. Signing a one fight deal with Top Rank and with Freddy Roach in his corner, Cotto re-introduced fans to the skills that had him sitting on top of the boxing world. At the conclusion of the bout, Cotto expressed his desire to finish out the rest of of his fitting career with Top Rank…

Until now.

One the fight against Rodriguez was complete, whispers began to circulate of possible pairings of Cotto with Canelo Alvarez and Sergio Martinez. If Cotto remains with Golden Boy, the Canelo fight is more than likely a done deal. If he remains with Top Rank and fighting on HBO, a Martinez fight is iffy since he has big bag Gennady Golovkin blocking his path.

Rumor, and I emphasize RUMOR, says there’s a five million dollar offer on the table.

What would you do if you were Cotto? If he accepts Golden Boy’s deal, does Freddy Roach go with him?

Stay tuned, this will be interesting.

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