Pascal’s Home Searched By Police After Assault Report

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And the year was starting off so nicely for Jean Pascal with his recent victory over Lucien Bute. Guess it goes to show you can’t let just anyone watch your home.


In a report published by the Toronto Sun, Police searched the home of NABF light heavyweight champion Pascal after a 25 year old woman claimed she was attacked at his residence. Pascal, who was not home during the police search, is not being investigated according to lawyer Loris Cavaliere.

According to police, the 25-year-old woman said she met Jean Pascal at a bar on Saturday night, and was invited to a party at his home in Lorraine, northwest of Montreal. The woman told police she had a non-consensual sexual interaction with someone at that party, which about a dozen people attended.

Pascal is fresh off a one sided victory against Lucien Bute and is currently in the hunt for a bout against current light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson.





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