Pacquiao Returns To Form To Defeat Rios By UD

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Displaying the speed and skills that made him one of those most feared men in boxing, Manny Pacquiao out worked and devastated Brandon Rios over twelve round to win by unanimous decision Saturday night in Macau, China.

A bout that threatened to be overshadowed by typhoon Haiyan and an ugly exchange between the two camps in the days leading up to the bout ultimately became a one-sided clinic conducted by Pacquiao that rendered brawler Rios incapable of  putting together a plan to slow him down.

pacman1Taking advantage of Rios as early as the opening bell with faster hands and varied movement, Pacquiao connected early with the left hand while Rios struggled to settle into rhythm to compete with the shape shifter. Apprehensive and gun shy, he created an easy target for Pacquiao’s punch selection while making no attempt to counter. After a feeling out round, Rios reverted to his signature come forward style and attempted to cut the ring off  but the faster Pacquiao  remained two steps ahead. When he did try to straight box Pacquiao, he didn’t let his hands go often enough to earn Pacquiao’s respect who walked through the his shot selection.

If the early rounds were a warm up, the middle rounds were the sprint. Snapping Rios’ head back repeatedly with his vicious left hand, while appearing light and easy on his feet, Pacquiao connected at will. Once he found the target, he found it impossible not to hit it. The punishment continued leaving Rios with a swollen face, bloodied eyes, and his signature smile through the brutality. Expecting an explosion in the final round, Pacquiao coasted and evaded punches until the final bell sounded.

The judges final scores: 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110. No judging controversy for once.

No card is complete without at least one bout that leaves your shaking your head and in this case it was the fight between heavyweights Tor Hamer and Andy Ruiz Jr. Hamer decided in the forth round he was no longer interested in fighting and quit. Hamer’s promoter Lou Di Bella, who was watching from home tweeted this following his resignation,

“By the way, you are released, WTF!!!”

This is the second time in the last year Hamer has quit in the middle of a fight. In December 2012, he retired in his corner after the fourth round against Vyacheslav Glazkov.


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