Mundine Gets TKO Win After Mosley Quits In 7th

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Anthony Mundine became the WBA international super welterweight champion after Shane anthony-mundine-v-shane-mosley-20131127-125300-750Mosley refused to answer the bell, complaining of back spasms, in round seven bring the fight to a close.

With the win, Mundine improves his record  to 45-5. Ready to fight five weeks ago (the fight was delayed due to contractual disputes) looked to display his best against Mosley.

“I was in killer mode, but my heart goes out to Shane. I know he’s a winner,” Mundine said. “He’s not one to pull out for nothing. He’s one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived.”

Now 42 years old, it’ was the first time Mosley failed to answer the call of the bell in his long career. With his record dropping to 47-9-1, retirement now looks to be a real option. When asked if he planned on continuing in the sport, he said he would decide upon returning to the United States.

I’m guessing Mosley’s loss had as much to do with the partying he did the night before as it does with his age. Not to mention he more than likely had his young tender with him sparring a few rounds in the night. He wasn’t worried about this fight, but he sure collected a cool million for being on vacation.

To watch the full fight, click here courtesy of @SweetBoxing

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