Mike Perez Issues Statement On Abdusalamov’s Injury

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As Magomed Abdusalamov continues to fight for his health, the man who boxed him, Mike Perez struggles with his own feelings. At the core of our existence is empathy for our fellow man (unless you are a sociopath).

The expectation of a prize fighter is to defeat your opponent, preferably by knock out. While injuries are the nature of beast, to hear of a potential life ending injury your opponent suffered, more than likely by your own hand, it’s impossible to not feel some sort of remorse. Undoubtedly Mike Perez’s stock as a feared man in the ring increased but I’d be willing to wager some cash he had no desire to kill or permanently maim Abdusalamov.

Along with the boxing community, Mike Perez offered well wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery for his fallen opponent:

“Mago is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope he recovers quickly. He fought like a true warrior, I’m happy to be victorious but my main concern is for his health.”

Added Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, “Our entire team was very saddened to hear of the injuries that Magomed sustained during his bout on Saturday night. He is in our thoughts and prayers and we thank his team for keeping us updated on his condition.”

Continued prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery for Magomed Abdusalamov.



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