Matthysse Agrees To Terms, Garcia Still Not Signing

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matthysse8Looks like chances to see a collision course of greats have come to a halt. Anticipation has been building to see a match-up  between current WBA and WBC world light welterweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia and interim WBC light welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse but according to reports the talks have hit a stalemate.

Matthysse says he’s agreed to the terms set forth by the Garcia camp but they are still refusing to sign on the dotted line. In a statement to on Sunday, Matthysse says,

“I’ve have done everything in my power to make this fight with Danny Garcia and as of right now the hold up is with Garcia or his team. Everything on our side has been agreed upon all terms given to us seem to be fine with me and my team.”

As the mandatory challenger, if terms with Matthysse can not be agreed upon, Garcia could find himself stripped of the title. Matthysse would then battle another opponent for the vacated belt.

Interesting turn of events. Indulge me and let’s play conspiracy theory for a moment. If Garcia is stripped of his belts, does this open the door for Adrien Broner?

Largely panned for his performance, Broner failed to impress in his 147 pound debut against Paulie Malignaggi. Although he emerged victorious, he was expected to win in a manner better befitting to a highlight reel. The consensus amongst boxing media is he should return to a lighter weight class where he would have a better opportunity at dominance. That and the fact that the universe recognizes that Broner is being hand crafted to become the next Floyd Mayweather. Remaining in the 147 pound division is setting him up for failure.


Or just maybe, Lucas Matthysse will be frozen out and Broner will challenge Garcia for the belt. You never know since stranger things have happened. If a four year, inactive, Shane Mosley can challenge a non-factor opponent for a vacant belt, then a fight between Garcia and Broner doesn’t seem that far fetched.

Imagine the pre-fight hype between Broner and Angel Garcia (Danny’s Dad and trainer). If the things were spicy with Zab Judah, this would take trash talk to the next level. Danny, hide your girl.

If you were playing commissioner today and do a mythical match-up, which fight would you want to see and what would be the outcome? Would you rather?

Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah II

Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse

Danny Garcia vs Adrien Broner

Lucas Matthysse vs. Adrien Broner

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