Manny Pacquiao Announces on Instagram His Independence From Top Rank

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Following his decisive win over Lucas Matthysse in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, newly minted WBA welterweight champion took to social media to clarify who will guide his boxing career from this point forward.

In a short, but direct, post on Instagram, Pacquiao says he will be making the decisions. Not long time promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Boxing.

I, through MP Promotions, will be handling any and all negotiations for my next fight. Nobody is authorized to speak on my behalf. You know my number, call me.

Speaking to Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times, Arum will be flying to the Phillippines for a last-ditch effort to salvage the relationship with Pacquiao.

Arum said he will travel to the Philippines in early August to visit Pacquiao and discuss the fighter’s ideas on his next opponent.

“You don’t know with Manny until you sit and talk with him and eyeball him,” Arum said. “Face to face, I get to see what he wants to do. We try to do what the fighter wants to do.”

Following the loss to Jeff Horn in July 2017, Pacquiao began to isolate himself from longtime allies Freddy Roach and Top Rank Boxing. In April 2018, Roach revealed he learned about his firing like the rest of the world, via press release reports ESPN.

“Manny and I had a great run for [16] years — longer than most marriages and certainly a rarity for boxing,” Roach said on Friday in a statement given to ESPN. “I wouldn’t trade any of it. Inside the boxing ring and the political ring, I wish Manny nothing but the best. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t hurt that he didn’t contact me personally about his decision, but the great times we enjoyed together far outweigh that.”

Two weeks ago it was apparent that Roach was out even though nothing had been made official when Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s longtime adviser, told ESPN, “Manny has told me Buboy will be handling the training on this fight. What’s important to Manny is that he has one voice to listen to in the corner that he trusts, and I guess that’s Buboy for this fight.

“There was some concerns Manny had in the last fight and some statements Freddie made to the media that Manny wasn’t very pleased about.”

For the immediate future, Pacquiao will focus on his congressional duties. To see Pacquiao’s full Instagram post, scroll down.


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