Let’s Keep The Guns and Get Rid of the People

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A couple of centuries ago, a bunch of guys huddled up and decided to contrive a set of rules that would make life seemingly fairer and happier for all parties involved. This became what we know today as the United States Constitution. More than 200 years later, after drastic, almost otherworldly social changes have taken place in society, modern man is expected to abide by this archaic rulebook, and it’s causing disorientation. Confusion. Specifically speaking, we’ve become our own pistol-packin, gat-toting, worst enemy, and this will likely never change.

For further illustration; according to a report by the AJM, “Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns” than people in similar countries.

The second amendment of the US Constitution states: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This particular declaration is possibly more popular and arguably more socially applicable than the first amendment, the right to free speech. Because for every spirited-protester fighting for proverbial justice and freedom, there is a posse of brainless (and likely toothless) twits who think it’s a constitutional acquisition to hunt other humans if they deem it necessary.

America’s right to bear arms has forever been a volley point for politicians and dangerous point of reference for her citizens. It’s a Catch-22 with no reasonable exit strategy. Like getting vaccinated. Or having marital sex during ovulation.

But I digress.

America’s lust for gun culture and its never-ending, ever-flowing machismo make removing the right to weaponize fear a near impossibility. People will never put down their guns, to which I say “Bravo!” The country is rife with contestable vermin who’d love nothing more than to terrorize domestically. By all means, protect yours from theirs, by whatever resources available to you. I applaud you, as long as you are aware, rational, and cognizant of the fundamental difference between a good and bad guy. However, this militia-man ideology opens windows for (even more) guns to flood the (already saturated) streets. And you don’t need a high school diploma to know the odds of curtailing this phenomenon are less than favorable. So perhaps, it’s time we instead shift the argument.

Controlling people appears to be easier than controlling weapons. So maybe we should deal with the people with the guns differently. People will be less likely to shoot into a car because of a traffic dispute if they know that — if convicted of this crime — they’ll get the electric chair no matter the details. Or the gas chamber. Or a firing squad (it’s still legal in Utah). Guns laws don’t seem to work. The tighter they get, the more powerful the guns become. So adjust the algorithm. Amplify the ramifications for committing gun crimes. If there were no more premeditated murder, no more manslaughter, just…murder, punishable by hanging, people would dedicate extra energy into doing the “right thing” on a more regular basis. I’ll even support new ways to punish people, like burning at the stake or starvation (because I’m open-minded).

For the record, I’m not some twisted, anarchist deviant with a hidden agenda. I’m a man, and sometimes that’s hard to be betwixt the mounting elements. I’ve seen so-called gun regulation and it seems to be semantics and politics no matter the premise. So be it. The average idiot will think twice before shooting a gun at people if he knows he’s going to be executed for it, and I firmly believe this. We need guns for protection, but in the process, I say some people should have to go in their place. An appropriate sacrifice, in my opinion.

Perhaps this is the first blade of a grassroots political career. (Nah.)

Words by Tony Grands | tgdcmailbox@gmail.com

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