Lakers Go Hollywood With New Jersey

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The Lakers are in the black. Not money wise, although they probably are, but uniform wise.

The Lakers officially unveiled Wednesday their new black “Hollywood Nights” alternate jerseys.

The jersey’s front features the word “Lakers” and the jersey number in purple with gold trim. The back features the player’s name in block purple letters, and both the name and numbers are in purple with gold trim. The jersey also features purple and gold trim running down the sides. The shorts are a direct match to the top: black with purple and gold trim on the side.

“This has been a few years in the process of introducing a black Lakers uniform,”  “In no way will it ever replace the purple and gold traditional uniform that have seen so many championships won. I think the gold is going to pop out on a black uniform and having the purple letters says it all. It’s all Lakers. Hollywood is also a really hard-working town. That’s the major industry of this city and it’s the heartbeat. Hollywood Nights is a tribute to all those people.

Lakers executive Jeanie Buss said in a video posted to

The new look was a result of fan’s requesting a black jersey but in no way replace the OG purple and gold. It’s just a supplemental jersey.

I want won. Who got me?

What do you think of the new look? I know Laker haters hate it just on GP but I’m talking about aesthetics only people.




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