Jones Jr. Defeats Benmakhlouf Looks To UFC’s Silva

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Roy Jones Jr. returned to the ring on Saturday night to triumph over Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf to take home the WBU V cruiserweight title.

When Jones Jr. return to the ring was first announced, his scheduled opponent was to be bare knuckle champion Bobby Gunn and take place in Philadelphia. Through a series of negotiations Jones pulled out of the Gunn fight and excepted a more lucrative challenge from Benmakhlouf.

After a period of little action and showboating, Jones showed glimmers of past greatness launching and landing with quick jabs and combinations that kept moskau-russland-der-franzoesische-boxer-zine-eddine-benmakhlouf-provoziert-den-us-amerikaner-roy-jones-jr-waehrend-des-boxkampfes-um-den-wm-titel-der-wbu-im-cruisergewicht-Benmakhlouf at a distance. Seeming frustrated at times Benmakhlouf complained and frowned his way around the ring until he was wobbled by Jones’ best punch of the bout, a short, hard left hook in the third round. Benmakhlouf managed to not go down to the canvas while Jones was unable to sustain the momentum for the entire bout. Enduring as well as he delivered, Jones took some hard shots from Benmakhlour in the later rounds. Needing respite from the onslaught, Jones found himself spending times on the ropes resting between blows. In the end, the superior speed and cunning of Jones was the deciding factor that carried him to victory.

For quite a while, Jones has been expressing interest in facing UFC star Anderson Silva. With this victory, his promoter Vladimir Hryunov will now sit down with UFC president Dana White too coordinate a “Spider” fight.

If you missed the bout, you can watch it right here.


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