Is Donald Trump Cleaning Up Barack Obama’s Mess?

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When Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, a distinct level of peace and calm abruptly covered the country.

I remember specifically going out into the world the next day, and everybody, of all makes and models, greeted me with a smile. It really felt like America – as a whole – had turned a cultural corner and finally embraced its diversity. Particularly speaking, we elected someone other than a white man for president. For lack of a better term to use, that was an extremely progressive move. Obama gave us eight years, and a fist full of hopes and dreams for the future. Many may not have agreed with Barack Obama’s way of presiding over America, but only a blind fool was unable to see the possibilities of openness and solidarity that potentially lie ahead.

But that was a long time ago.

In 2017, against the advice of many political experts and elected officials, the American public allegedly voted Donald Trump into office as the POTUS. (I say allegedly because, still to this day, there’s controversy about the amount of votes that Trump actually won.) Nonetheless, he is our president. Yes, our, for better or worse. It really seems like worse though, no? Let’s take a deeper look.

For all the cantankerous campaign promises and gaudy guarantees President Trump announced upon taking office, the only solidified thing he seems to have provided thus far is division. Division between America and former allies. Further division between America’s police force and her colorful citizens. And even further division between the race and social classes that call the USA home. Trump’s seemingly bigoted points of view have contagiously spread throughout us all, like measles, and even the victims of his lopsided perspectives have developed similar views of willful ignorance and intolerance, even if only as a form of defense. I’ve been alive to see quite a few presidents, and I’ve never seen people respond this way. Have the people changed? I don’t think so. But our leadership has, and the corresponding reaction is no coincidence.

As I type this, America is in the pretext throes of war with North Korea, Puerto Rico is suffering miserably because of Hurricane Maria, and Mexico needs assistance for the recent rash of earthquakes they suffered. And what is the president of the most powerful country in the world doing? He’s dragging NFL and NBA players through the mud for speaking out. He’s calling out media, still. He’s tweeting about celebrities. He’s attempting to repeal Healthcare that’s so many Americans are in dire need of. (Hell, he couldn’t even find Puerto Rico on a map.) This is his legacy. Indecision and divisiveness. At some point, we need to ask ourselves, where, exactly, is he leading us?

If you ask me, I’ll say he’s leading us to greatness.

Yes, greatness.

I believe Donald Trump is literally, albeit unintentionally making America great again. Not through his fly-by-night bills and executive orders. Not through his social media-tastic declarations of spontaneoous battles. Not through his bombastic speeches filled to the brim with words of no more than three syllables. And definitely not through his unsolicited attacks on celebrities, athletes, and random politicians, either. The hate that the Trump Administration seems to have unsheathed within the people has also exposed the love we share for our fellow countrymen as we march, arms locked, some on bended knee, in the same struggle. It’s as if we all-of-a-sudden remembered we care for one another.

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was viable proof that all hope shouldn’t be lost. And when the Alt-Right community took its cue from Donald Trump’s radical rallies, and began holding their own, the American people as a whole, continually banded together to shut them down, in various states. Hundreds of nazis Alt-Rights supporters showed up and were literally faced with thousands of protesters. (They say “resistance is futile,” but maybe not.) This is a love that people haven’t seen since we were unified under Barack Obama, during his first term.

And that love didn’t exist because he was the president, but because he was change, and it felt good.
Not for nothing, but I advise us to continue to love, support, uplift, and be there for one another, as American citizens and more importantly, human beings. The only way that we’re going to get through this Trump Administration is with an air of humanity and common decency. And for what it’s worth, we have countries out here plotting on our collective demise. It would behoove us to find a way to keep our cohesion intact. The struggle continues.

God bless you, your family, and the United States of America. Thanks for reading.

Words by Tony Grands
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