Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ a Terrorist Group? 906 People Think So

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In January of 2017, a petition was created to label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization.

To many, especially those that know reality from fiction, this is ridiculous. BLM was engineered as a reaction to the treatment people of color (not just Blacks, because that would be racist) by law enforcement nationwide. Any aggression, theoretically, could be perceived as a reaction to events that transpired before some of us were even born, and could technically be deemed self defense. Black Lives Matter was, and still is, a call to proverbial arms, a social fog horn, a figurative flare launched skyward to illuminate the hate, intolerance, and injustice that exists yet went goes largely ignored. But it’s definitely and definitively not a terrorist group.

Now, let’s be amendment-ly clear, here. There is nothing terroristic about self-defense, especially when it treads on your self-reliance, and to suggest anything otherwise, especially as an American, would be intimately suspicious to me. Essentially, a similar, yet much more sinister plot unfolded against the Black Panther Party, successfully eliminating an organization that was designed behind the basic, arbitrary need to simply provide for and protect one’s own. The storyline of their demise has been distorted and remixed thousands of times over the last 50 years, but do the research for the truth. The Black Panthers picked up weapons to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, there are scores of militias and posses roaming stateside — today, right now — that without question fall under the general umbrella criteria for what makes one a terrorist, however these socially-priviledged individuals don’t have the luxury of being watched as closely as the Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red do.

Ultimately the petition was archived because it failed to receive the necessary amount of signatures to pass. The required number is 100,000 within a 30-day window. During that month, the petition received approximately 906 signatures.

A little more than 900 people thought enough of this to even put forth the minimal effort required. That, friends, is poetic justice, no Kendrick Lamar.

But before that big, little victory can be celebrated, we have to look closely at the basis of the entire circumstance. If it weren’t for the existence of domestic terror actors and advocates such as the KKK and all its offspring, “minorities” wouldn’t feel a need to huddle up for survival. Until that tangible fact is accepted by the ignorant and uninformed elitists, so-called lawmakers, and thinskinned/thick-skulled figureheads, the rift will not only continue to exist, but grow as times unravels.

Words by Tony Grands | tgdcmailbox@gmail.comFind Tony on Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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