[Humor] Pick An Opponent for Chavez Jr.’s Weight

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It’s fight week for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Brian Vera and we still aren’t sure what weight the fight will take place at. It’s ridiculous at this point. Add social media to the equation and you get a firestorm of jokes, memes and hurt feelings.

Since we are playing hooky pokey with Chavez Jr.’s weight and wagering our best guesses at what he will come in at, why not pick an opponent he could fight at each weight. I mean we have time on our hands until the actual weigh-in and we’ll have to entertain ourselves somehow. The subject of the weight itself is quickly becoming a dead horse so let’s liven up the discussion.

When the bout was originally agreed upon, the contracted weight was 168 pounds, super middleweight. Last time I checked Boxrec.com, Chavez Jr. was labeled middleweight but didn’t appear in the rankings.

This is all in jest before you guys sending me threatening emails.

160 pounds – Middleweight – Brian Vera

This is where Vera is currently listed but he’s moving up for this bout. If Chavez Jr. got down to this weight he’d be a dead ringer for Marc Anthony. Pass the biscuits and gravy. He’d be weak and hungry weigh-in day but would look pretty stealth after the overnight re-inflate.

168 pounds – Super middleweight – Mikkel Kessler

Kessler is a strong, scrappy fighter that would come forward and bring the fight to Chavez Jr. After splitting wins with Carl Froch, he’s battle tested and game to go the distance. I give the edge to Chavez Jr. but, could Chavez Jr. get down to that weight? If he’s not now, he probably won’t here either.

175 pounds – Light heavyweight – Chad Dawson

Both of these guys need a good comeback victory and this seems more like Chavez’s weight anyway. In an actual fight, I give the edge to Bad Chad. Chavez Jr. may weigh this amount on a non-Thanksgiving day but he’s not conditioned to fight this heavy. Not for any long amount of time.

200 pounds – Cruiserweight – BJ Flores

Hey why not? We NEVER see BJ in the ring but every time we watch NBC sports we are reminded he is the North American cruiserweight champion or something. I haven’t seen BJ fight in so long I can’t access how this would look stylistically.

These are my picks. Remember fight fans, these are the jokes, you aren’t meant to snicker and snort. How would Chavez Jr. perform at these weights with these people, share your thoughts.

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