How Cardi B & Offset are a Love Alternative in the Trump Era

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On October 27th, Migos frontman Offset popped the golden question to the current queen of the Hip Hop charts — stripper turned reality star turned rapper — Cardi B.

And of course, she said, “Yes.”

Offset and his squad have had a great year, despite the bruhaha with DJ Akademics, while Cardi’s Bodak Yellow instantly made her a hot commodity in 2017. This weekend, at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, the two officially joined forces and the Hip Hop world has been gushing ever since. ( I believe he proposed because she’s pregnant. Stay tuned…)

Having been married for 15 years myself, I wish them all his success and blessings in the world.

What can we learn from this recently blossomed rap romance? Something very important, actually. But, hold that thought.

Beginning last January, Donald Trump has set the country ablaze with incidental bigotry and hatred, and only the bigoted and hateful would disagree. Love and compassion appear to be archaic ideologies today in ‘Merica, with every citizen seemingly adopting the “every-man-for-himself” stance in an undocumented war of survival of the fittest. Take a look around. People are mean and angry and don’t seem to care much for one another these days. This infectious outlook also seems to be touching the other three corners of the world.

As tragic as this seems, and as tangible as this is, it doesn’t define us as citizens of the United States, and more importantly, as human beings. In theory, the only way we’ll be able to defeat the organisms unleashed by Mr. Trump’s campaign of colluded collusion is through love. Unconditional love for ourselves and for each other. I’ve mentioned this before. Now, what better place to find inspiration for love during such turbulent times than the Hip Hop culture?

While dressing and rapping like an superhero stripper, 25 year old Cardi B — real name Belcalis Almamzar –is proof that a woman doesn’t have to follow traditional rules to be found worthy of a man’s attention or her own success. Offset, whose momma calls him Kiari Kendrell Cephus, clearly loves her for who she is, despite baggage and back story. In a broader sense, she has likely empowered and inspired young woman all over the world (yes, world) to let their proverbial hair down and be themselves. That’s huge.

Just as huge is Offset, a man who religiously spits bars about loose women, fratricide, and drug dealing, proposing to the woman he loves in front of the whole world to see, shamelessly. For lack of a better term, that’s grown man stuff. Hip Hop hasn’t been this excited about a relationship since Jayonce became a thing. In fact, we may be more excited because Jay Z & Beyonce are unrelatable tycoons, where as you have at least couple in your life that reminds you of Cardi and Offset.

They’re the aunt and uncle that get the party started. The homie and his girl who throw wild parties in the middle of the week for no justifiable reason. The new school couple that watches porn together and will likely smoke weed around their kids (because weed isn’t a real drug).

For those that don’t get it, the reason people are so jazzed about their pending union is because they’re more like real people than superstars. At least until the baby gets here and they go full Hollywood, but that’s neither here nor there.

So as civilization around us jettisons to hell in a designer handbasket, be not overwhelmed by the amount of hate, bigotry, and intolerance wafting amongst us. Simply look to Offset and Cardi B for the motivation that you may need to continue to love one another. Skrrt skrrt.

Words by Tony Grands |

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