HATR– Still No Contract For Khan/Alexander; Fury/Haye?

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Happy Monday to you and yours from your friends here at BadCulture.net (and by friend I mean me).  As boxing transition into the winter months, there’s still a lot going on since the sport that supposedly is dying on the vine keeps marching forward. Here’s news that’s been circulating around the ring, the internet, and the streets.

Still no contract for Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexnder

They looked chummy and jovial at the recent Golden Boy staging during the one weekend but off stage is an entirely didn’t matter. According to a report on BoxingScene.com, there is still no contract for a DSC_0335December 7th match-up between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander and according to Team Alexander, the Khan camp is the bottle neck. Kevin Cunningham, Alexander’s trainer had this to say to BoxingScene:

“Stop talking and sign the contract. The IBF welterweight title is on the line and a shot at Mayweather. Team Khan needs to stop f***king around. The difference between Devon and Amir is Devon’s willing to earn a shot at Mayweather. Amir thinks he’s entitled.”

Whether he earns it or not, how many of you out there in boxing land want to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Devon Alexander? Back in February before Canelo Alvarez was named  Floyd’s opposition for ‘The One’, I mentioned some things I’d rather do than see this match up. (But if it happens of course I’ll watch).

New Dates Being Explored for David Haye vs. Tyson Fury

As you know, this Saturday’s match up between David Haye and Tyson Fury was postponed after Haye received a massive cut in his eyebrow during sparring.

david-haye-tyson-fury-press-20130711-122830-813Why are you sparring without headgear a week before your fight? But that’s a topic for another day. As soon as the announcement made, the always talkative Fury took to social media to denounce Haye, accuse him of ducking and asking to be cut on purpose to avoid the fight.

“Delay or pu**y job. He can never beat me…just like I know what you just done, s*** house. Get me a real man to fight. Get this Bollywood clown of a fighter back in the ring with Tyson Fury. I always said don’t be pulling out this fight. Make it happen.”

Haye has been known to pull out of fights before (Charr & V. Klitschko).

While Fury claimed he lost interest in this fight and doesn’t want Haye in the ring anymore, rumor has it the fight will be rescheduled for sometime early in the new year.

Haye tweeted: ‘Things are finally now looking up, as a rescheduled date for me to beat up Dyson Furry is very close to being officially made.’

With this cut to Haye, does this change your impression of his chances in the ring? If Fury takes a tune up in the meantime, who should it be?

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