HATR – Marquez and Nacho Fighting Mad Post-Bradley

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Whenever there’s a major fight that doesn’t come to conclusion by knock out, it’s to be expected that both sides will have plenty of commentary about the outcome. Saturday night’s contest featuring Tim Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez for the WBO welterweight belt was no exception.

photo.PNGStarting with the post-fight press conference, Marquez and Beristain have been talking non-stop about the outcome calling it a robbery, a decision that hurts boxing, Bradley’s non-excitement factor and much more. Joel Diaz (Bradley’s trainer) and Tim Bradley weighed in by saying it’s exactly what they expected.

To save you the work of going from news source to news source (and there are lots) I’ve compiled some of the more interesting sound bytes and post interview videos that have surfaced in the aftermath.


Beristain to BoxingScene.com’s Luis Sandoval:

“I think we won by 3 to 4 points because we really made him look ridiculous. Nobody has made Timothy Bradley Jr. v Juan Manuel Marquezhim miss in his entire career like Juan did. We imposed ourselves tactically and he made him miss all night. [Juan] made him run around the ring. And I think doing that and not throwing punches, you can never win a fight like that.”

Asked about a rematch:

“There’s no point, he’s a fighter that doesn’t sell. They’ve gifted him the two fights he’s had with the two best fighters which are Pacquiao and Juan and outside of them, who’s he going to fight.”

Marquez post-fight:

“These kind of decisions hurt boxing and make people walk away from the sport. I can’t win a decision in Las Vegas, the only way I can win is by knock out. I need to be scared more of the judges than my opponents.”

Writing my prediction for the fight I expected Marquez to defeat Bradley but he didn’t. Bradley won the fight clearly. What are your thought’s on Saturday’s decision? Close enough for a draw? Was split decision the right decision?

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