Golovkin Pummels Curtis Wins By TKO; Perez Wins

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Gennady Golovkin continues his winning ways and once again displayed why he is one of most feared active


fighters today by battering Curtis Stevens into at ninth round submission Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. Happy Birthday Michael Buffer.

Photos Courtesy of ESPN, Concrete Jungle USA Today.

A match-up that seemed business as usual in the making took a detour in the final weeks leading up to the main event with increased trash talk by Stevens on social media. Making promises of knock outs, decapitations, and other methods of punishment he would inflict in the ring, Stevens added fuel to a fire already expected to burn hot. Comparing the fighters on paper, this fight promised to have the ferocity of cage match.

Action commenced with both fighters coming forward exchanging hooks and jabs in the center of the ring. Golovkin scored to more effective punches by slowing down Stevens’ offensive with a hard stiff jab. Not completely one sided, Stevens managed to connect with shots that got Golovkin’s attention but appeared to do little to no damage. After the demolition of round one, Golovkin settled into a slower rhythm in round two exchanging fewer blows while Stevens initiated action. After managing to snap Golovkin’s neck back momentarily, Stevens’ saw his rally fall short as Golovkin punctuated the installment near the end of the round by knocking Stevens flat on his wallet (the look on Stevens’ face, shock, wonder, and pain let anybody watching know he was hurt bad). Taking a moment to clear his head, Stevens survived the count, made it to his feet, and managed to make it out of the round.

1383454837000-USP-Boxing-Gennady-Golovkin-vs-Curtis-StevensLooking to end the show early, Golovkin continued to stalk and launch with right crosses’ and body shots that chopped at Stevens’ body and slowed down any momentum he hoped to create. Showing more respect for  Golovkin’s power after the second round knockdown, Stevens spent a good bit of his time in the middle rounds with his guard up allowing himself to be backed into the ropes. Stevens showed promise with faster hands in the middle rounds but still found himself vulnerable to the power of Golovkin as he continued to absorb gut busting body shots and right crosses over the top.

Stevens would land his best punch of the round at the close of round five, a left hook to Golovkin’s body that momentarily stunned, but it still wasn’t enough to switch momentum in his favor.

The beginning of the end would come in round eight, a brutalizing display of power punching where Golovkin nearly destroyed Stevens. Right crosses up top here, uppercuts there, kidney jarring body shots on the left and the right, a feast of brutality that was a site to watch … unless you were the Stevens corner. Completely outclassed and obliterated Team Stevens realized that had seen enough and protected their fighter by not answering the bell of round ten.

Golovkin, always a good time in the post fight interview, explained his fight strategy and who he would like to face next:

MK: What was your plan coming into to this fight?

GGG: My last question for him, I ask him, you serious? Yes I am serious. I respect boxers, athletes, sports. This is a sport for me. Going into you home? Tell your parents I said hi.


MK: What was your plan for the fight?

GGG: My plan is just fight. I know I am the champion,   I know I am better. My power better, my speed better. I show for TV,  for my fans. People know who is who.

MK: Were you more careful with him because of his punching power.

GGG: Coach Able told me not crazy fight, just box.

MK: Did he shake you up with any of those shots he hit you with in the middle rounds

GGG: [Smile] No, not serious.

MK: Who do you want to fight now?

GGG: Look, I am champion, I am open for anybody. I am the same situation. Sergio Martinez, Peter Quillin, please guys, I am here. I am still here. I am open, I want.

Don’t have HBO? Enjoy the fight here courtesy of SweetBoxing.

Last night’s action went far longer than most predicted. Critiqued by some for not fighting “true middleweights” Golovkin now has decisive victories over Mackin and Stevens (a former super middleweight). Is he the truth or would he be exposed by a middleweight with faster hands? How would he fare against Sergio Martinez and Peter Quillin since those were the names he spoke?

In the co-feature event, “Irish” Mike Perez defeated Magomed Abdusalamov in a blow ladened battle that went the distance and gave Perez the victory by decision.

Battling back and forth in the opening round, Perez outdistanced Abdusalamov in the middle rounds by getting better of the exchanges and connecting with jarring straight left punches. Throwing more blows and combinations than the usual heavyweight bout, Perez reddening the face of Abdusalamov early with his continued forward assault.

Breathing through his mouth for most of the rounds, Abdusalamov appeared winded, weary, and outclassed the longer the fight went on. Perez, who threw a several low blows during the course of the bout, received a deduction in the ninth round but by that point it mattered not. Perez emerges the victor in his first major broadcast fight and looks to make some noise in the heavyweight division.

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