Fury Ends “Retirement” Sets Sights On Wilder

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For someone who loves social media as much as Tyson Fury, his twitter timeline has been extraordinarily quiet.

Keeping a low profile ever since the David Haye fight plan fell apart, his rants have been fewer and shorter. Choosing instead to troll fighters such Derek Chisora (calling him “tubby”) and Bobby Gunn, his usual colorful and call ’em out style has been absent, until now.Deontay Wilder

During a recent appearance on Buncey’s Boxing Podcast, Fury names his next target as American heavyweight Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. Anxious to get back in the ring, Fury blames the machine for not scheduling a match up between himself and the equally statuesque Wilder. Competing professionally for the last four years, Wilder describes himself as a “Hit-man” who takes out any opposition his team sets up for him. While Wilder has been impressive in the ring and continues to build his name and career, over the last four years as  a “knockout artist” 2013 was wrought with criticism for wins against aging or clearly overmatched opponents. In an attempt to generate buzz for a match-up, Fury implies Wilder is ducking him and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is the bottleneck in the negotiation process.

“Hopefully I’ll have a fight in February, the Chisora fight and then maybe if Deontay Wilder grows a pair of balls I might fight him as well.”

“It’s more to do with Richard Schaefer, he’s the brains behind it all. He keeps saying my name and saying he’s offered me this and that but there’s never been anything in writing.”

“There are a lot of fighters out there who are pretend boxers and fighters and who really don’t want to fight. I’ll mention no names – Vladimir Klitschko, David Haye, Deontay Wilder. And I know Wilder’s team talk a good fight and they say it’s me [who is holding up negotiations], but I can guarantee you now it’s nothing to do with me because I would go to America no problem, and do the same as I did to Steve Cunningham in April.”

If the fight is made, where is it happening? A fight in the UK would likely secure Wilder a bigger payday than on American soil but the real question is, will Fury sing again if he’s victorious?

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