Froch Leave No Doubt, Knocks Out Groves In Round 8

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph UK


In the highly anticipated second battle of English supremacy,  Carl “The Cobra” Froch defeated George Groves by way of  ferocious knockout in the 8th round at London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday.

Groves, the early aggressor, took control  in the opening rounds working behind a stiff jab that largely kept Froch at bay. Continuing his assault, Groves connected with the overhand right repeatedly while Froch landed left hooks behind his own snapping jab. As the fight wore on, the tide began to shift in Froch’s favor beginning in round 5 as he went to work landing body shots that slowed the aggressive Groves’. Landing blow after blow, Froch worked his way back into the bout and looked like the dominate figure fans know him to be.

The end for Groves would come in round 7 at the 2 minute 34 second mark. As he moved in to attempt to find a home for the jab/straight right combo he found success with in the early rounds, he committed the fatal mistake of  underestimating Froch evidenced by lackluster defense. Approaching with his hands down Groves allowed Froch to annihilate him with an over hand right that sent him careening to the canvas with his knee folded underneath like origami. Seeing enough, ring referee Charlie Fitch from the US didn’t bother with a 10 count and raised Froch’s hand as the winner.

Once again Groves emerges victorious and this time with little doubt. This knockout easily falls into the ‘Knockout Of The Year’ category for 2014.

Have any doubt about the ferocity of Froch’s knockout power? One doesn’t have farther to look than from the latest victim himself “Saint” George Groves. Groves, who looked almost angelic as he laid out on the canvas took to twitter at the conclusion of the fight to give his unfiltered feed back on his co-combatant’s punching power.



Indeed you were Mr. Groves and you sense of humor about it is refreshing.

The likelihood of a rematch however is unlikely. At the time of knockout, Groves was ahead on the official, unofficial scoring card.

Now we wait to see what’s next in cards for Froch. With 80,000 people looking on, he wont be waiting too long before the offers to start pouring in. By appearing on HBO, the front runners for future competitors are likely Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Gennady Golovkin.

Andre Ward rematch? Well, Ward’s beat him before in the Super Six and has reportedly said in previous interviews as the champion traveling abroad doesn’t interest him.

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