Froch Defeats Groves By Controversial Stoppage

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Christmas came early for Carl Froch since this fight ended a lot better than it started for him.

After suffering a knock down in round one, Carl Froch emerged victorious over George Goves when ring referee Howard Foster put a halt to action in a controversial 9th round stoppage.groves_froch_knockdown

Groves emerged with a vengeance in the early rounds quickly outworking Froch and knocking him down in the first round. With Froch barely surviving the bell, Groves continued his assault into the second round. Getting his bearings back, Froch regrouped and worked inside to earn Groves respect but backslid once more after being punished by far too many hooks upstairs. Mutual exchanges culminated in rounds six and seven with Froch connecting with body shots and Groves connecting with counter jabs. The nineth and final round featured Froch coming on strong with the right hand and a visibly gassed Groves still returning punches. Although Froch was the aggressor, Groves was no where near unable to continue when Foster stopped action.

Rubber match anyone? This bout had a reported attendance of 10,000 fans. A rematch sounds pretty good to both camps.

Was the stoppage premature? Watch below and share your thoughts

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