Do You Want To See Mayweather vs. Khan?

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Wow, how old is THAT picture on the cover?

The rumor mill is abuzz with the possibility of a Floyd Mayweather vs Amir Khan match-up this May. The marketing possibilities are endless but the fight would more than likely be short and sweet.

For months, there was talks of Khan fighting Devon Alexander. During ‘The One’ undercard, the two appeared pretty Devon Alexander/Richard Schaefer/Amir Khanchummy smiling and posing with Richard Schaefer with Khan being asked directly about their match-up. Seemed like all systems were go to put these two in the ring. Alexander is ready, Virgil Hunter spoke of Khan’s improvement and readiness, a done deal.

But the love fest took a nasty turn thanks to our good ole friend twitter when the two exchanged in a series of tweets accusing the other of taking their foot off the gas during contract negotiations. After weeks of pot shots in the media, the talking ceased and now it seems the potential December match-up is no more and the murmurs of Khan facing Mayweather in May grow louder and louder.

Instead, Devon Alexander will put his IBF welterweight title on the line in a battle against Zab Judah on a card with Paulie Malignaggi and Shawn Porter at Barclays. Not as lucrative a pay day but still pretty decent.

Which brings me back to the title of this post. Do you want to see Mayweather vs. Khan? Can this match-up go beyond a few rounds or will Khan once again end up flat on his back?

Is England ready for a full Money Team media blitz?

At this point its all conjecture since nothing’s been signed, nothing’s been agreed upon. Last May before Mayweather signed on to fight Robert Guerrero, Alexander’s name was in the mix so there’s no telling how this could play out.

Share your thoughts, Mayweather vs Khan or nah? If not, who? I know one thing, with Khan’s recent skype issues, the Money Team will be in rare form on All Access. Well, maybe not, Floyd’s been the epitome of correctness and good naturedness lately.

(please let some good jokes slip out during your runs Floyd, please baby Jesus)

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