D’angelo Russell Is Trying To Destroy the Lakers in True Millennial Fashion

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According to ESPN, there is dissension among the ranks of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only are they losing their mega- star, captain and work dad, which is probably the best thing that can happen for the squad over the last 5 years, but now any possible kinmenship has been pissed on by D’Angelo Russell.

Recently, footage of Nick Young talking about cheating on his fiancé Iggy Azalea surfaced, and as the plot thickened, it turned out that the diabolical whistleblower was none other than D’Angelo Russell. For reasons unknown (lol), D’Angelo pulled the type of shit that you’d expect to see in a Tyler Perry movie. Maybe he wants Iggy. Maybe he’s mad because he doesn’t have the same amount of swag as P. Maybe he’s a troll planted by the L.A. Clippers in further attempts to upset and derail the Lakers legacy. Then again, sometimes some cats are just haters and there’s nothing that anybody can do to change that.

I don’t know enough about D’Angelo Russell to blame his dad, grandfather, or possible lack of both, but I do know that there’s a certain code amongst bruhs. A G-Code, if you will, that states you don’t snitch on a homie to impress or procure a thot. Or chickenhead. Hoodrat. Shorty. Whatever euphemism you choose. Point being is you don’t rat on your partner, much less lead him on with questions and record his response like an interrogation.

Wait. D’Angelo Russell may be the cops. I hope they don’t smoke weed in front of him, word to Rick Ross. Keep an extra eye on TMZ, just in case.

Remember when Kobe did something like that to Shaquille O’Neal? That was a thousand years ago. Basketball players were a different breed back then. Their on court arguments would actually lead to fist fights. There were even some dudes who brought guns to basketball the arenas. (You see what I did there? Guns? Arenas?) These young players these days seem a tad bit more sensitive and and a scant quicker to lash out and scratch each other’s faces up if the opportunity presented itself. And it’s presented itself right now.

Sources are reporting that the team is isolating Russell because they don’t feel he’s a trustworthy teammate anymore. The quickest way to lose all your friends is to let them see you be a player hater. I’m positive D’Angelo Russell listens to PARTYNEXTDOOR exclusively.

So as the season winds down and we wave goodbye to Kobe Bryant, arguably the greatest Laker of his generation, we should also bid farewell to D’Angelo Russell, unapologetically the greatest Laker hater ever.

Words by Tony Grands
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