Dana White: Boxing Reality TV Producer?

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By Brandon Stubbs, Contributing Writer

The ‘Ultimate Boxing Championship’? …… well not so much.

UFC President Dana White is entering the world of boxing. “The Fighters” is a new reality boxing show that will premier January 23 on the Discovery Channel with White serving as a producer. The show will focus on South Boston’s (aka Southie) boxing scene and White’s boxing mentor and friend Peter Welch, as he and other trainers in the area try to revive the sport. Running for eight weeks, it will show the ups and downs, daily struggles (both in personal and professional relationships), and training sessions of the fighters. Each week, the boxers will compete in three round bouts that will determine fate of the fighters and boxing in South Boston.

Welch is a well known and respect trainer in the New England area. He is a former Golden Gloves Champion and pro boxer. After a short pro career, he changed his path to more training and helping out the youth in the Boston area.

“I grew up in the Old Colony projects in Southie,” Welch said. “It’s a tough neighborhood. One of the toughest in the country. It’s a place where you learn to fight. Boxing has saved a lot of kids from the street, but, little by little, the gyms started to close. Kids who needed that outlet lost it. We want to bring it back. A lot of these fighters are kids at a crossroads.”

White has been a friend of Welch’s for close to 20 years now and was hunted down when this project was in development. White’s vision for the show is to grow and do things for the boxing in the same way “The Ultimate Fighter” did for MMA.

“Boxing has always been my favorite sport and it led me to where I am today,” Dana White said. “I’m excited to share this project with viewers and give them an opportunity to take a look into the unique world of boxing in South Boston, and to see up-and-coming talent in the sport.”

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