Canelo Says it Was His ‘Mistake’ He Didn’t Know the Risks of Eating Mexican Meat

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Canelo Alvarez says he made a mistake.

Breaking what has been largely radio silence since the announcement of the rematch against Gennady Golovkin on September 15, Alvarez told ESPN he didn’t know the risks of eating meat in Mexico and as a result of this experience has given up meat completely.

“I don’t want to get anyone else involved. This was my mistake for not reading up on the risks, not researching more, more on the subject, on what’s going on with the beef in Mexico,” Alvarez said.

“But I didn’t do anything intentionally. I didn’t do anything to try to enhance my performance, I would never do anything like that. It was a mistake and nothing more, not educating myself about this problem in Mexico. It was my mistake and I won’t repeat it.”

“After all this happened I’ve been really careful,” Alvarez said. “I mean, too careful, I think we’ve gone to the extreme. To the extreme of not eating beef.

“United States beef is different, I can eat it without any risk, because there’s more control here. But I’m trying to get used to not eating beef. Because most of the time I’m in Mexico, and I’ve stopped eating beef.”

Alvarez  was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commision in April of this year for six months. The suspension will be lifted on Aug. 17, six months from the date of his first positive test.

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