Prediction: Can Hopkins Beat Murat (And Time) Again?

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Once again we find ourselves wondering if Bernard Hopkins can make history. As times passes does the mystique that continues to surround him have more to do with his skill or his ability to continue to win? On Saturday night, Karo Murat becomes the latest foe with pipe dreams of being the one that can take the Executioner/Alien down.bernard-hopkins-workout-7


Karo’s most recent ring experience consists of a dominate performance against Sandro Siproshvili in 2012 (not exactly A-level competition) and gift win in October 2011 against Gabriel Campillo.

Nothing in his resume is adequate preparation for what he’ll encounter in the ring against Hopkins on Saturday. Fighting for the first time in the United States, Karo will find himself against a punching, clenching, experienced showman that will make Karo’s night a long one. The ring rust from lack of action over the last year isn’t doing him any favors either. On the other side of the ring, Hopkins comes off a victory by decision against Tavoris Cloud and a loss on decision against Chad Dawson. While Karo is expected to perform nothing like these two, a fighter can raise to the challenge when motivated.


424a47d26101c371e8179dbd651fddc0_MDoes Murat have a puncher’s chance? If he does, he’ll have to find a way to out maneuver Hopkins. In his usual fashion, Hopkins will establish his position early and launch combinations. If Murat is able to get off any blows, Hopkins will clinch and hold until he can set up his next surge of shots.

The winner: Hopkins by unanimous decision. It may be painful t watch but I can’t imagine any other outcome. Murat doesn’t possess the skill nor have momentum on his side. Hopkins will pick him apart, he’s not holding, round by round until he tires of doing so.

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