Bob Arum Says Al Haymon Doesn’t Really Exist; So Who’s Been Representing the Fighters? [Video]

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Bob Arum says he believes he can make a fight between welterweight champions Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford if he can sit down with Al Haymon. He also believes there’s no Al Haymon and boxing’s most elusive figure is a fictional character conjured up by Sam Watson.

Arum goes on to say the problem, with making the match-up is he doesn’t know who PBC Is. Here’s what the Top Rank chief said according to  Kevin Idec for Boxingscene:

“The problem is who is PBC?,” Arum told, referring to the Premier Boxing Champions organization Haymon launched early in 2015.

“And people say, ‘Al Haymon.’ And I say Al Haymon is a fiction Sam Watson has created. I don’t believe there’s an Al Haymon. I haven’t seen him in three years. Have you seen him? Is there an Al Haymon? No! I think Sam Watson has created some guy named Al Haymon, who is responsible for all of these bad decisions because there is no Al Haymon. You’re blaming it on a fictional character.”

“You may have interviewed who you thought was Al Haymon,” Arum explained. “But how do you know it’s Al Haymon? [Promoter Lou] DiBella says, ‘Well, I talk to him on the phone.’ I say, ‘Lou, how do you know [it’s him]? People today can mimic any voice.’ How do I know it’s him? I haven’t spoken to him in over two years. How do I know it’s him? The last time I saw him was maybe four years ago, and I’m in the business full-time.”

Spence and Crawford have kept up a mostly respectful, competition driven dialogue on social media over the past year. If a welterweight showdown should happen in the future, odds say it will be a pay-per-view event.

As for whether or not Al Haymon being a real person, we caught him on video at least once. To see the video, scroll down and press play.


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