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Based out of Los Angeles, BadCulture.net is the source for news, music, sports and humor for the urban sports fan. Combining industry knowledge with quirky humor, we deliver updates from the worlds of sports, music and headline news with a fresh and innovative point of few.


Jeandra LeBeauf, Editor-in-Chief, Boxing, The Ruckus Podcast Co-Host (Inglewood) 

Infusing technical knowledge, humor and a diversity of writing voices, founder and CEO Jeandra LeBeauf has become an innovative leader in the coverage of sports, lifestyle and entertainment.

Odell Simmons, Soccer,“Odell’s Corner Kick” (ATL)

Odell “ArtByOdell” Simmons is a Sports/Music Journalist based in Atlanta, GA. He has his personal podcast Odell’s RoundTable. Ready to debate English Premier League Football & who is a true emcee in Hip Hop at any given moment. Check out his exclusive Soccer/Football content here also follow him @artbyodell & check his writings at Jayforce.com as well.

Ryan Bivins, Boxing, The Ruckus Podcast Co-Host (Philly)
Ryan is a professional boxer, the creator of Sweet Boxing Ratings, and a member of the voting panel for the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame. You may email him at rgbivins@gmail.com and listen to him Tuesday nights on The Ruckus, part of the BadCulture Radio Network.

Darryl Cobb, Photographer, (Philly) 
Darryl is a casual boxing/MMA fan, wrestling aficionado and BadCulture’s east coast camera jockey. “It was Ryan Bivins that got me into the world of boxing and I’ve been hooked ever since. You can catch me bringing The Ruckus from Philadelphia to New York to Atlantic City!”


Krissy Engram, Boxing, (East Coast)
What began as a social relationship with boxing a decade ago has blossomed into a constant, addictive and adventurous love connection.  Krissy loves traveling across the country to attend various boxing events!  However, when family life and forensic investigation take precedence (most often), she can be found enjoying every boxing match that TV and internet have to offer.  Boxing has taken over and she’s ok with that; boxing gives her life!  Krissy can be reached via email at boxinggivesmelife@gmail.com

Tony Grands,  “Real MF Talk With Tony Grands” (Los Angeles)

Tony Grands is a writer, digital content creator, and Internet personality from Los Angeles, California. You can find his work in the archives of TheSource.com, TheUrbanDaily.com, TheCombatJackShow.com, and others. When he’s not chasing his kids, or recording for his YouTube channel, he’s the EIC of tonygrands.com, a multimedia Hip Hop hub. You can experience more of Tony’s antics by following him on Twitter, FB, and joining his Facebook page.

Steve Tozin, Special Contributor, MMA (New York)

When it involves a ring, a cage or any other square, octagon or circle, Steve knows who’s in it, how many people are watching and how much the fans paid to see it. As a connoisseur of global sports, entertainment, pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts, Steve knows way too much to not share it with other fans. Steve is a voice actor, a sometime sports radio host & a podcaster who loves to discuss the hidden inner workings of any organization that deals with the word “versus”. You can follow him on Twitter

Ismael AbduSalaam, Boxing, Bread & Red Real Boxing Talk Host  (ATL)

Ismael AbduSalaam is the founder of the Hip-Hop/sports site Beats, Boxing & Mayhem, and the Knicks news site NYKLoyalist.com. He is a contributing writer for BadCulture.net, and an on-air personality for Bad Culture Radio. The New Jersey native is also a member of the BWAA (Boxing Writers Association of America). Now residing in Atlanta, he lives for the Sweet Science and by the manta “beats, rhymes and life.” He can be reached at beatsboxingmayhem@gmail.com.

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